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It’s our responsibility to show our children how to use their devices responsibly. Most kids have mobile devices, they’re on social media and they need your guidance. It’s time to show them how to self regulate and stay in control to avoid gaming addiction and oversharing disasters.
No more battles. Less worrying. Good habits start here. ~ Natalia

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Tweens, Teens & TECH

Speaking to Grades 5-7 students about Social Media: staying safe, smart and how to use it responsibly and ethically. This presentation contains engaging videos that will give kids a good dose of reality.

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4 Ways To Keep Kids In Check On Social Media

Best suited for parents with children 12 & under. What parents NEED TO KNOW about social media to keep their kids safe, and good habits to teach kids in the early years to help them avoid gaming addictions in their Teens.)

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The Onset of Underage Drinking

Consider this a starting point. A few nuggets to get your mind thinking about a plan that will work best for your family. There's no one-size-fits-all-solution that will magically work for everyone but listening to other parents' experiences and supporting each other...

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What You Need To Know About

NOTHING IS ANONYMOUS. Snapchat messages that "disappear" can be retrieved, and there is even already a hack that reveals users in the new "anonymous" app called Sarahah. WHAT IS THE SARAHAH APP?  Sarahah was created by a developer in Saudi Arabia to collect honest...

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Be Aware Of Snap Maps on Snapchat!'s take (read and scroll below for Natalia's take): The Canadian Centre for Child Protection, through its program, wants to make parents aware of a concerning new location-sharing feature on Snapchat, an app that lets users send photos, videos,...

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Smart Phones Have Us All By The Balls

MacMillan dictionary states that to have someone by the balls means: "To have complete control over someone, so that they have to do what you want." When sitting down to write the title of this blog I couldn't decide whether it was social media that has us by the...

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