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It’s our responsibility to show our children how to use their devices responsibly. Most kids have mobile devices, they’re on social media and they need your guidance. It’s time to show them how to self regulate and stay in control to avoid gaming addiction and oversharing disasters.
No more battles. Less worrying. Good habits start here. ~ Natalia

Engaging Presentations

Tweens & Tech 2016

Speaking to Grades 5-7 students about Social Media: staying safe, smart and how to use it responsibly and ethically. This presentation contains engaging videos that will give kids a good dose of reality.

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4 Ways To Keep Kids In Check On Social Media

Best suited for parents with children 12 & under. What parents NEED TO KNOW about social media to keep their kids safe, and good habits to teach kids in the early years to help them avoid gaming addictions in their Teens.)

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Recent Blogs

Teen Suicide: Where do I begin?

It's mind-boggling. Devastating. Heartbreaking ... and it keeps happening. Last week on Facebook I shared an article about a girl from Texas who took her life in front of her family (Read article). Last month in Shoreham New York, there were two suicides: a 14 year...

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The App Every Parent Needs

Um, you're welcome (in advance). My friend told me about the IMBd app — it stands for Internet Movie Database. You likely often wonder about the adult content in movies your kids want to watch, and 14-A movies are so much more risqué than they used to be. I was always...

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Autistic Children and iPads

When I posted my Tweens & TECH mini video about kids with ipads in restaurants, one of my followers expressed hurt feelings because of her situation. She has a child with autism and sometimes the only way they can go out for dinner as a family is to bring along an...

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Bitter/Sweet Boundaries

Boundaries. We set them, our kids challenge them. Whether through begging, whining or negotiating, they try to push us to change our stance. It’s so hard when deep down you feel the boundary you’ve set isn’t “that big a deal” to break. You start to question yourself...

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How to have “THE TECH TALK” with your tween

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Feeling overwhelmed with where to begin to teach your children healthy online habits?

Here’s a start … This easy guide contains videos, links to Natalia’s TOP online safety resources, Rules THAT WORK for younger kids and Rules THAT KEEP WORKING for teens. All for only $4.00