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20 years into the digital revolution, and here we are.
It’s happened so fast that most of us haven’t even had a chance to sit back and assess what it’s doing or what it’s done. We are all still very much in the euphoria stage of it all, making it challenging for parents, as we’re all learning as we go. Sure, technology is making our lives easier in many ways, but “the innovation is running ahead of our ability to grasp it” (Paul Levy, author of Digital Inferno).
Giving children access to the whole world is a huge responsibility and many parents still don’t get it. We’ve GOT to be more involved. That’s why I do what I do.

So many people still don’t know how to behave online and how to stay in control of their devices. I speak and write about Parents, Children & Technology for two reasons: One, because of their lack of maturity and life experience, children are making mistakes online and can’t cope with the consequences. For some it’s so bad that they take their own lives. For this reason, parents need to be more informed, aware and prepared to help prevent such tragedies.

Two, more and more kids are developing gaming addictions because they have not been taught how to self regulate. It’s only recently that Gaming Addiction is being recognized as a Mental Disorder with South Korea being the worst (already having 100 clinics to treat the addiction), while North America concludes that there is insufficient evidence to include it as a disorder at this time. That being said, Psychologists are seeing a rise in children with gaming addictions — so it’s only a matter of time before we realize it is a BIG problem.

I don’t believe that technology is all good or all bad. It is what it is. Showing children how to use it in moderation is essential if they want to maintain their humanity and continue to love real life.

My passion for building assertive skills and self worth in children is long stemmed starting as a graduate from the University of Ottawa in Sociology, and completing specialized coach training at Erickson College.

~ Natalia McPhedran, Online Safety Consultant, Author, Speaker.

Natalia McPhedran

Natalia McPhedran

Children’s Online Safety Expert, Author, Speaker, Bac. Soc. Sc.