It’s always a pleasure to hear how satisfied my clients are with my work. I deliver what I say I will. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about my presentations.

Natalia opens our eyes and helps parents start the discussion with our children regarding the appropriate use of technology. I love her four suggestions for keeping our kids in check. They make sense and foster an honest, open, non-judgemental relationship with our children. Our elementary school has hosted Natalia for two different sessions over the years. Her presentation is always current and relevant to the ever-changing technology and the needs of our kids.“ — Jody Kitson, Principal, Beachburg Public School

Natalia’s presentations should be mandatory for all parents.“ — Beverly Belleville, Immaculate Conception School, Cornwall

“We have had numerous presentations about social media and internet safety, but none as specific as Natalia’s Teens and Tech.” — Geoff Moore, Principal, St. Marguerite D’Youville, London Ontario

“Thank you so so much for your amazing presentation. It was very informative, pragmatic, to the point, exactly what we needed! The parents I’ve spoken with appreciated it very much. For some, it was a much needed wake up call!” — Parent from Bishop Hamilton Montessori, Ottawa

“Thank you for coming to talk to us. That was the best presentation our school has ever had.” — Grade 5 Student from Huntley Centennial School, Ottawa

As a teacher, I hear many parents express their concerns about the amount of “screen time” their children are experiencing. My heart breaks for families who say their once compliant and mild-mannered children are now screaming and raging if they are asked to turn off their screens. Talking with the children openly about the realities of gaming addictions is essential. The entire family structure is changing and we need to begin to educate and empower our children with Natalia’s message to be more “self-regulated” and turn off the devices. I love the easy suggestions she provided the students to support self-regulation with gaming. Through the discussion and easy steps, we may begin to support parents in dealing with this issue.
Thank you for coming in to our school. 
“ — Victoria Toner, AJ Charbonneau, Arnprior

“I was very impressed with Natalia’s presentation last week at Venta Prep School in Carp. Everybody should be listening to her advice as we all need help keeping up to date with children and technology!” — Andrea Girones, Venta Prep School, Ottawa

The presentation [Tweens & Tech] is engaging as evidenced by the students sitting on the edge of their seats and actively participating in sharing their own experiences and asking inquiring questions. Natalia shares information in a practical and genuine manner and immediately develops a trusting relationship with her audience.“ — Frances Marchand, Dean of Middle School, Elmwood School, Ottawa

Tweens & Tech has the best messaging about social media I’ve heard.“ — Director of Technology, Elmwood School, Ottawa

The way you presented Tweens & Tech to our students was done is such a way that they won’t forget. Your stories were real and gave them a good dose of reality. The content was excellent.“ — Educator from Our Lady Of Fatima School, Renfrew

Thank you for your ‘Rules That Work’ Contract. I shared what I learned from your presentation with my boys and they were surprisingly excited about having gaming days and non gaming days. They said we could have Family Game Nights on the Non Gaming Days. Thanks for all your suggestions.“ — Parent from Beachburg Public School, Beachburg

Natalia’s message that Raising Resilient children starts in the home was a huge hit! Teaching children how to use their electronics responsibly, setting limits and guidelines, and social media do’s and don’ts. Raising kids in the 21st century is not easy, but Natalia’s strategies were super helpful!“ — Ann Holmes, Parent Council, Glynn A. Green School, Niagara Falls

NThe shock value of ‘Parents, Children & Tech’ is Bang On for the wake up call parents need regarding their children and technology today.“ — Parent from Good Shepherd School, Blackburn Hamlet

Our school invited Natalia to present ‘Parents, Children and Technology’. Her delivery was very compelling and her examples and case studies offered parents a ‘real world’ look at challenges in parenting in the digital age. The handouts provided were great in terms of offering concrete steps parents could take to safeguard their children and help set up limits around technology use. Natalia took her time and offered thoughtful answers to all the questions our parent population had. Bottom line is it was a very dynamic and useful session.“ — Sara Purdon, Co-Chair Parent Council, Churchill Alternative School, Ottawa

Natalia raised awareness to very important issues that our students face daily. Her presentation was engaging and educational and well received by our Casa and Elementary parents!“ — OMS Montessori, Ottawa

Thank you for coming into our class— It was an eye opening presentation for many of my students. Great facts and real life situations helped them become more knowledgable about technology they use daily. It was very clear and age appropriate. My students were eager to share information and ask questions.“ — Pamela Hewitt, Educator, AJ Charbonneau School, Arnprior

My class really enjoyed Natalia’s presentation “Tweens & Tech.” Afterwards, we followed up with our own top ten list of safe use of technology. Thanks for helping to keep our kids safe!“ — Janet Bouwer, Educator, AJ Charbonneau School, Arnprior

Natalia shares her personal stories to impress upon parents their need to be part of their child’s use of technology. Topics of; knowing what to look for, how to talk with your child and some guiding rules for use of technology, were well received by our parent community. The ‘eye opening’ presentation had parents going home thinking differently about what they need to know about their children and technology. Thanks Natalia!“ — Jim Rogers, Principal, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School, Ottawa

Natalia gives an important overview of the impact social media plays in the lives of young people. She provides some practical steps for students to ensure greater safety on the internet.“ — John Pedari, Principal, Frank Ryan Intermediate School, Ottawa

We found Natalia an excellent communicator and role model for our students.  The topics she covered in her first session were both relevant to the students and helpful references for our own in-class discussions we will have throughout the year on topics as diverse as self-confidence, media awareness and bullying.  Our students thoroughly enjoyed both workshops which, in conjunction with our TLC program, will better prepare them for the transition from grade school to high school.“ — Paul Andrascik, Educator, Turnbull School, Ottawa

This information night on ‘Raising Resilient Children in the Digital Age’ was easy to understand. I walked away feeling like I have some new techniques to try as well as new ways of thinking. Natalia gave all the parents in the room useful resources, techniques and tips to help increase self-esteem in our children, help them make good decisions, keeping them safe online, and how to use their electronics responsibly. In addition, her personal stories resonated with the audience and helped us understand that we are all going through similar situations raising our children. Thank you!“ — Christine Francoeur, Parent Council, Our Lady Of Mount Carmel School, Ottawa

Natalia joined us at Single Parenting for Success Co. Ltd. for an evening of sharing with our single parents in ‪Ottawa‬. I was certain that the attendees would receive valuable information that would help them understand their children better as I had been receiving Natalia’s Newsletter for months and found them enlightening as well as entertaining. I enjoyed a one on one conversation with her at my office that confirmed for me that she is genuine and authentic in her concern to educate parents and their children in a variety of topics. I also witnessed the natural sharing and exchanging of experiences as well as knowledge. The laughter shared within our group over the course of the evening was welcomed and the stories and honesty shared by Natalia and some of the members helped our parents to realize they weren’t alone. Witnessing Natalia’s generosity was heartwarming, I knew I had chosen wisely. I look forward to having Natalia as a valuable resource within our organization as we build this community of support for single parents city wide. Thank you Natalia for being who you are and sharing as you do!“ — Liz Raymond, CEO & Founder, Single Parenting For Success Co. Ltd., Ottawa

I recently attended Natalia’s seminar, Parents, Children and Technology.  Not only was it an eye-opener for the need to monitor our children’s use of technology, it gave us back our family time. Admittedly, we have too much technology for the number of children in our house and screen time was growing out of control. Our children have responded really well to “The Rules” and I’m making it a priority to become more savvy with our tech devices. Thank you Natalia!“ — Angie, Mother of two

I love Natalia’s approach to teaching and moulding children. She’s honest and funny and teaches a philosophy of embracing the mistakes we might make along the path of parenting and drawing on those lessons to further improve our relationship with our kids.  Her willingness to share her life lessons has opened my eyes to what I can expect especially when it comes to technology.“ — Renée Riis, Ottawa

Natalia came to give life skill coaching to Leaders 4 Life youth at the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa. The youth thought she was wonderful! Well prepared and insightful!

It can be very hard to engage youth in certain activities but Natalia balanced fun and self-reflection in order to help the youth discover their values. The youth were able to question their mindsets and explore some of the negative obstacles in their lives. Most importantly, Natalia gave them tools to overcome these obstacles.

The other highlight of Natalia’s visit was that she inspired the youth! Some of them told me that they would be very interested in being a Life Coach because they saw the value it brings to someone’s life!

Working with Natalia was fun and professional. I know we will be seeing her again.“ — Jebbeh Anne Haslett, Sr.Outdoor Educator, The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa

I attended Natalia’s seminar “Parents, Children and Technology” and really enjoyed it. Her talk was informative, realistic, personal and entertaining. This was a great eye-opener to what our children can be exposed to online. Many parents feel really challenged about how to monitor, supervise and guide their children with the use of technology in their homes. Natalia shared practical ways to protect and prepare our children to deal with these realities. It was good to see how we can do something about the issue, it has given me an awareness. Thanks for a great seminar Natalia! “ — Marie-Claude Hamel, Mother of two

Natalia’s coaching skills has helped me to think and stay positive. She made me feel at ease during our conversations and I appreciated the fact that she respected the confidentiality level we had agreed upon in the beginning.“ — Zoé, 13 years old, Ottawa

Natalia helped me take control of my gaming. I played a lot. She showed me how to make a schedule and showed me a lot of things on Instagram that I didn’t know to be safer. My mom and I are really happy for choosing Natalia’s coaching.“ — Spencer, 12 years old, Ottawa

Natalia’s coaching really helped me and I really like her a lot. She understands me.“ — Billy, 12 years old, Ottawa

The one-on-one coaching with you gave me the confidence to stand up to people that I was afraid to stand up to. It also boosted my confidence level in a fun way, and taught me different ways to be assertive. This program helped me a lot :)“ — Denzel, 12 years old, Ottawa

Thank you for giving us a great learning experience. We feel more confident in our public speaking! We appreciate your coaching!“ — Home Schooled Children (Youth Leadership Program/Toastmasters)

I attended Natalia McPhedran’s workshop on October 30, 2011. She covered three issues: Values, fear and being assertive. I found the workshop engaging, stimulating and incisive. Natalia gave many examples from her own life and others to help support the issues which made the concepts easier to understand and apply. She gave us informative handouts. She showed us the technique of bringing unconscious thoughts to the conscious mind. This helps us to create our own realities. I would recommend Natalia’s workshop to anyone who wants to increase their awareness of what is important to live a fulfilling life.“ — Carole from Ottawa

AMAZING! Natalia really touched upon the essence of what I am going through. She has definitely chosen a path that is perfect for her.“ — Jesse from Ottawa