Um, you’re welcome (in advance). My friend told me about the IMBd app — it stands for Internet Movie Database. You likely often wonder about the adult content in movies your kids want to watch, and 14-A movies are so much more risqué than they used to be. I was always on the fence when my 13 and 14 year old asked to see a 14-A movie … until now.

Have you heard of “Sausage Party”? It’s an animated movie that’s rated 18-A.

“Movies have ratings for a reason,” I say to my kids. “You’re not watching it.”

“We actually watched the trailer and it doesn’t look that bad,” they replied.

Me: $#@*&!!??

So I whip out my phone and go to IMBd. It details E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G from the full cast, to the trailer, reviews, commentary, quotes etc. But my FAVORITE is the Parents’ Guide tab (Brace yourselves for this because Sausage Party is not a movie for young teens). The Parents’ Guide says: Sex & Nudity – “At the end of the film there is one gigantic food orgy. Every food in the whole grocery store are doing sexual acts ranging from intercourse to oral. Not overly graphic, as they are foods, but it’s about three minutes of lots of foods moaning and taking part in sexual acts…..”

You can read more — because believe me, there’s more — if you download the app and see for yourself.

The IMBd app has removed all “sitting on the fencing” for this mom. I love it. You can look up movies, TV, celebrities, best & worst, what’s trending, all of it. It saved me from another huge disastrous risk when someone recommended American Horror Story to me. I am a horror movie fan and I was looking for something new to watch. My kids have developed an interest in scary movies too (partly because it was forced upon them by me – lol) so I thought, let’s see what American Horror Story is all about.

Thanks to the Parents’ Guide on IMBd, I discovered the whole first season’s focus is mainly on RAPE. Thank God we didn’t get it on Netflix!

Just as I introduced you to Our Pact as a fantastic app to help you teach your non-cooperative tween how to self regulate, I present you: IMBd. Another app that will make digital parenting a little easier. Love it…..  Love it! Love it! Love it!

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