NOTHING IS ANONYMOUS. Snapchat messages that “disappear” can be retrieved, and there is even already a hack that reveals users in the new “anonymous” app called Sarahah.

WHAT IS THE SARAHAH APP?  Sarahah was created by a developer in Saudi Arabia to collect honest opinions and thoughts from your friends. Sarahah means honesty in Arabic. Teens are using this app by connecting the link to their Snapchat to get anonymous texts from their friends. One of the reviews I watched states “Sarahah is a fun way for your friends to tell you something they wouldn’t face to face.”  My opinion: Uh … this is fun how?

What teens do is they attach the app link to their story on Snapchat and at the bottom of the screen it says swipe up for Their friends swipe up and it gives them a blank screen to text ANYTHING THEY WANT. Their username does not appear but it’s relatively easy to figure out who wrote what “when you see the order at which your friends watch your story. Some of the comments are pretty obvious from who they’re from” (random teen I interviewed). If you use this app you have to be confident at heart and laugh off the hater comments because your friends will send them.

The developer thought it would be a fun and creative way to get feedback from friends and employees (eye roll). When complaints rolled in saying this is a bad idea for cyberbullying, they updated the app by adding the feature to be able to block users who send hate (double eye roll).

What’s the point? The point of the app for our teens is it’s a game. Just an alternative way of getting attention from your friends. You can’t reply to the comments and you can’t see the user who sent the comment … until now. Like I said in the intro: NOTHING IS ANONYMOUS. Someone has already figured out a hack to reveal usernames on Sarahah.

Just watch this video and see for yourself:

So what do we do? Nothing. Understand it, talk about the possible negative impact, hope for your teen’s better judgment and wait for the next novelty.

(Eye roll)